White Powder of Gold

Gold ash powder is a substance created through a type of alchemy that dates back thousands of years. Developed by an alchemist and spiritual healer from Myanmar named U Shien Sayagyi, gold ash powder is believed to help recover from serious illnesses such as AIDS, cancer and viral infections. While often compared to Ormus gold due its healing properties and chemical state shift, it is actually a completely different process and in turn a vastly different substance from Ormus gold.

Benefits of White Gold Powder

The long fermentation process of gold ash powder provides healing in three different ways: Healing, Supporting and Cleansing.


Gold Ash Powder has the ability to heal the body, mind and spirit through its unique composition. Due to the nature of Gold Ash Powder, many degenerative disease processes such as rheumatoid arthritis and HIV can be reversed, resulting in healing. Joints and tissues return to full health, and organs function optimally. Improving the overall health of your body causes it to help it to help heal itself, as opposed to resorting to outside sources for healing and staying illness-free.


Gold Ash Powder keeps your body healthy by helping it to function at its best and by protecting you from pathogens in your environment. By supporting your body’s immune system and optimizing function from the inside out, it works to support the strength of your bones as well as increase cell regeneration allowing you to live your best life without fear of colds, flus, or other contractible illnesses. Building and supporting a strong immune system is the best way to stay healthy.


Gold Ash Powder supports your body’s natural self-cleansing systems to rid your body of toxins such as alcohol, chemical substances or other impurities. As we get bogged down by the stress and strain of everyday modern living, our body’s ability to rid itself of these unwanted materials decreases. With the extraordinary properties of Gold Ash Powder to restore function to all of our body systems, we can boost this ability and reverse the negative buildup of toxins.

The Process of Creating White Powder of Gold

To make gold ash powder, one has to go through an incredibly long and arduous process that takes years of complicated steps. The process, which is done by monks, involves melting a mixture of metals (gold, silver, mercury, copper and zinc) over and over. This process will remove the waste materials, also known as “slag” until all that is left are the pure elements. This process lasts over a month and each metal included in this composition will have been melted over 100 times when all is said and done.

Melt down ormus powder
Clay pot for storing white gold ormus

From this point, the pure metals will be mixed with various fruits and honey in a huge clay pot then buried into the earth for one year. Once the year has passed, the pot will be dug up and refilled with more fruits and honey then let out in the open for another year. This system will be repeated for up to 20 years! During this time, what is happening is that the metals are evolving and the fruits are being used as sustenance for the transformation. What will remain is an even more refined purity in a completely new alchemic state. Once it has reached its full transformation it will be melted one more time and shaped into metal discs.

The Final Step of the White Powder of Gold Process

Once the metal discs have completely solidified it is chopped up and turned into a white powder that will once again be mixed with fruits and then a special type of honey that holds special healing properties and when mixed once again with the fruits will give the metals antibiotic properties. At this point, the substance will now be dried in a very specific type of oven that will give the metals one final purge of impurities to rid the composition of any toxic aspects. This leads to the final step of mixing the gold ash powder with a carrier oil and turning it into pill form for easy consumption.

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White Powder Gold Side Effects

Ormus powder has almost non-existent side effects. This is because it is a natural substance that is obtained from the earth. Most white gold powder side effects that are reported are due to using an impure product. To get the greatest white powder of gold benefits, use only the highest quality product!

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