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Ormus Gold Elixir is a powerful blend of ormus (sometimes referred to as monoatomic gold, or gold ash powder) and several other magical essences. Ormus gold has been used for thousands of years to help humanity live to their full potential and achieve remarkable feats. In order to enhance its already powerful effects, our ormus is not only created using ancient alchemical processes adapted for modern usages, but also combined with several other potent essences.

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23 reviews for One Month Supply – OGE

  1. Dan Stoddard

    I’ve been reading about ormus for a long time and finally took the leap with your elixir. There’s too many others to choose from so combining several ormus preparations together was a good move on your part. Definitely feeling an energetic buzz.

  2. Phoenix Rising

    I’m very skeptical of your claims but have definitely felt something, not sure how to describe it. I’m assuming you coated homeopathic sugar pills with the precipitate? I’ll keep trying it until I’m sure the effects can’t be explained by placebo.

  3. the right mix – H. Mueler

    ormus and monoatomic elements help in the transmission of electrical impulses in the body, the elements transported via electrical impulse in the body must exist in the body at the time of ingestion of said ormus elements. with no additional elements for transport the ormus will simply help in the transmission of normal electrical impulses in body, giving a heightened sense of awareness, and possibly facilitate increased brain function. the fact that this is mixed with other elements definitely has me feeling the increased effects.

  4. Angie Coleman

    Tried several different precipitates mostly liquids and have to say that yours leaves me feeling grounded and in control. Like all the background noise goes away and I can see whats important.

  5. Connor

    Sub-lingual delivery is great, speedy delivery. Overall great product, plan on purchasing more sometime soon. I take this with mugwort before bed and it helps me lucid dream.

  6. J.R.

    This stuff works wonders. My mind is so much clearer, and my dreams are so vivid. My energy is up, and I’m in a good mode all the time. Can’t tell you it will do the same for you. But I’m a big skeptic about everything. So I decided to just try it, and wow.

  7. EMF Shielding Greyhawk

    Wonderful product ….note to immediately wrap ur ormus in aluminum foil dont be cheap use a couple of sheets plus, the static free bag dont throw it away, and find a place for it free of anything electric! No microwaves or wifi

  8. caution

    i would say you should deffinately have your mind in the right place before trying this and it takes a while to kick in, as well it has residual effects that last at least a month or 2! if you know about aliens, extraterrestrials, and interdimmensional things then be careful! lol, it really isnt bad, but i wouldnt recommend it, just saying!

  9. Simplycentered

    I agree with the reviewer who said your mind should be in the right place before taking ormus as it tends to enhance whatever energy your emitting, even negative energy. That being said, if you are a well grounded individual and relatively connected to your spiritual side it’s worth it.

  10. Sayeed Ansari

    Wasn’t really what I was expecting, I did however notice an improvement in my dream recall and I had some serendipitous meetings afterwards. I still am not completely sure if it was a placebo effect however.

  11. Bad DNA Activation

    YES monatomic gold is REAL, however I read around and have read that the obtainable monatomic gold on the easy found market is created to vibrate our frequency to react with negative deities. Quantum physics has proved that what you know and believe needs to be reevaluated under a new microscope. Technology is advance everyday proving the day before theories wrong.

  12. John G., MSG, US Army (Retired)

    bought this after a rave review from a friend. to the bad DNA person… isn’t that prblem exactly what the seller is trying to address? the tibetan nectar pills ingredient has energy from “hundreds of monks, in Nepal, India and Tibet” and the ‘”mani” pills are empowered by more than 1 billion mantras of Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva. sounds to me these are infused with the most positive energy possible. anyway just started taking it, i’ll report back later.

  13. Deng

    hi; i have been using various ormus prudcots for several years and find them AMAZING. this custom ormus that i take daily and it helps in so many ways, too many to go into in this form.

  14. Jason Fells

    I’m a healer light worker meditate of 20 years I have tried other products this one is the most effective and most definitely aids in focus and quieting the mind .those that put thge low st are were not ready for what this product offers ie most people now days are sleep they read a few things but don’t put the work in thus is not some one stop shop life is an endless journey of enlightenment growth and self discovery this productcgets 10 stars I have had the ability to time travel go into other dimensions since I was born in 200 i died while in the army I missed over and came back thus experience took to many new levels training with shamnans energy workers learning qigong etc you have to become what you seek which is unification of your total being with the infinite mind of primordial source and become co creator this product give you the push you need . So I recommend brainwave entrainment mantras practice Wishing breathing and yoga along with this product to get the full benefits. It’s like buy a gym membership expecting to get fit but don’t go and don’t eat healthy then complain that you still out of shape. Practice makes perfect .if I could afford this on a reg I’d stock pile it. But I also can do this and more naturally however this product gives me that extra boost I need to really expand my ability 10stars

  15. God

    I’m giving the people who make this five stars purely based on the price. Most of these products are very expensive from other people.
    Although the ” other essences ” bit is pretty ambiguous.what exactly is in this that isn’t in others?
    By the way, have you tried mine? ( to the makers)
    The website says you have tried many……

  16. kokepara10 (verified owner)

    How does one take this product?? Under tongue?

    • OGE

      Yes, dissolving them under the tongue is the best way to take them – though they can also be swallowed.

  17. Christopher (verified owner)

    I received my order quickly and upon taking the pills I noticed an alertness. It’s only been a week but I’m sold on this product.. thank you thank you!!

  18. Ann

    awesome product. i’m very happy with my purchase

  19. Maritza Marrero

    How long it takes to feel result I just took it two days don’t feel nothing different someone please advise

    • OGE

      Hello Maritza, the formula’s effects can be different for each user based on their sensitivities to subtle energies. Take the product each time with focused intention and run through the first vial before evaluating its impact.

  20. Loretta

    I wanted to let you know I tried the the Ormus product I purchased from you the morning after I received it. And I wanted to warn you of the side effects of using this product. I sincerely hope you will heed this warning. I was awakened in the middle of the night just feeling very uncomfortable. I really can not explain exactly what it felt like, except it was scary and I knew I was surrounded by evil. I am a Christian and because I have personally read the bible from front to back a couple of times, I knew I could call on Jehovah for his help and protection. “Jehovah” is the English translation for the name of God in the bible. I truly fear what the outcome may have been if I did not have a close relationship with Jehovah, and knew how to handle what was happening. I also have incredible fear for anyone who uses this Ormus, if they don’t know how to protect themselves. I don’t know if you have used the product, if you have’nt don’t use it. And if you have, and you are selling this product to unsuspecting persons who have no idea what can happen. You need to be warned. “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, “Jehovah”.

    • OGE

      We’re sorry to hear you had such an uncomfortable experience using the formula. From our perspective, it is unlikely that the product could have caused such a powerful reaction in you. We’ve mentioned before, the product impacts different people in different ways. You are probably very sensitive to subtle energies, and your subconscious mind interpreted your experience in a negative way. We’re very sorry that happened. Obviously, don’t use this formula any longer. To prospective or past customers reading this, be sure to align your positive intentions before and during consumption of the product.

  21. Ray (verified owner)

    Amazing! First time. one drop, under tongue. Meditated a little before, and my mind was quite busy, not so well to concentrate, and couldn’t get comfortable. AFTER it completely dissolved – mind totally clear, Concentration power – indcredible, vision improved to see details when focusing, Deep understandings from simply being in the present. Most powerful experience when meditating!! Feelings from taking it – almost none, to just good, BUT the MENTALITY was super-organised and flowing! All the rest depends on intentions, it definetley boosts inner well-being. (note that i keep a healthy lifestyle)

  22. Kay

    Thank you for your product. Just arrive yesterday.

    I have some minimal imbalances with some chakras. I have never taken Ormus before.
    Reason for buying this is because a channeler believed it could activate my sleeping DNA.

    My question is – yesterday when i took one pill my 3rd eye area just burst out in vibration.
    While taking it today I feel nothing. I have read your entire website in search for answers – but I am not satisfied with the answers. 🙂

    And – many of your competitors have liquidbased Ormus and recommend 1 teaspoon of Ormus while you have these small pellets.
    Is there any point or possible to take more “pellets” to get higher effect?

    Appreciating your time and answer.
    Thank you 🙂

    • OGE

      Hey Kay, glad to hear you felt an effect upon first taking it! Yes you can take up to three at a time and to get the best effect dissolve under the tongue.

  23. Brad (verified owner)

    It’s my first time experiencing this product, defiantly noticing a difference! Feeling intensely connected to the earth, deep thinking all of the time!

    I can even remember my dreams more so than I once could, controlling what myself and the environment inside my dreams behave, like it was totally real!

    It is freaking awesome! I recommend doing some research before attempting trying anything like this so you understand but basically this is absolutely safe!

    I must warn, though, I have never practiced with monatomic ormus any more than one month. I noticed a very nice energy boost, started small with one sublingual tablet once daily for a week, then two a day, etc. Worked my way up to three times daily and since I’m a heavyset guy, 4 a day next week.

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