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Dissolvable pearls

Our unique sublingual dosing system is consistent, easy to use and completely free of any synthetic, allergenic or unnatural properties. Homeopathic pellets measuring 1/8″ are placed under the tongue and dissolved easily. Our system exchanges inconsistent liquid dropper dosing and leaking bottles with dripping and sticky residue for a simple, clean and dry delivery solution.

Healing benefits

Body Detoxing 

Balancing Brain Hemisphere

Expedited Healing

Sexual Health

Mood Enhancement

Sleep Improvement

Raised Awareness

Enlightened Spirituality


trusted Alchemy

Rest easy knowing that Ormus Gold Elixir’s enhanced fortified formula is made from raw mineral ingredients, including no unwanted synthetics, allergenic or unnatural properties and is healthy to use every day. Explore the elements of curated formula below.

Our Alchemical Formula

Pure Ormus

Ormus of pure spring water, an oily fraction distilled through various processes.

Burmese Gold

Burmese gold preparations from three alchemical traditions, including Dr U Shein, the most famous modern Burmese alchemist.

White Powder of Gold

Immortal White Powder Of Gold – prepared according to the teachings of two modern day Hungarian ‘immortals’

Tibetan Nectar Extract

Extract of Tibetan nectar pills (4 types), prepared at long, continuous meditation sessions by hundreds of monks in Nepal, India & Tibet.

Western Ormus

Seven types of Ormus prepared by modern Western Alchemists

Mani Pill Extract

Extraction of HH Dalai Lama’s ‘mani’ pills, empowered by more than 1 billion mantras of Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva.

The Oil of Gold

The Oil of Gold prepared according to Paracelsus.

Gold Basma

Gold Basma, an Ayurvedic alchemical preparation in use for more than 2000 years.

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