Ormus Benefits and Side Effects

Ormus Gold, also known as Monoatomic Gold, White Powder Gold and Manna is a unique substance. Composed of precious minerals such as gold, platinum and iridium, what makes it interesting is that is not held in a metal state. While minerals are usually made up of bound atoms, Ormus actually consists of purely unbound atoms. Because of this unusual composition, this material provides benefits that cannot be accessed to in any other state.

So you might ask, “What exactly are the benefits of Ormus?” Well, there are many. The subtle compositional shifts of this material have been shown to benefit everything from cellular rejuvenation to even tapping further into one’s own spiritual awareness. Here is a closer examination at the numerous abilities that this incredible substances possesses.

Balancing Brain Hemisphere

Most people tend to be either left brained where their thought process is more analytical or right-brained where the creative characteristics are more dominant. This imbalance lends to aspects of our personalities to be diluted. What Ormus does is help by centering this imbalance to allow us to gain knowledge in a way that is called “whole brained learning.” This is a way of learning that maximizes both hemispheres so that we absorb knowledge in a more powerful and leveled way. This is one of the most extraordinary Ormus benefits.

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monatomic gold benefits sleep

Improving Sleep

Just as with the effect on mood, Ormus effects sleep in the exact same way – by boosting the pineal gland. That’s because in addition to Serotonin, this gland is also in charge of Melotonin. You may have seen Melotonin supplements in your local grocery store but your body actually produces this naturally, and it is how sleep patterns and Circadian rhythms are formed.  When Melotonin is low (which is quite common in today’s world due to the blue light of electronics) your ability to fall asleep and go into deep sleep is vastly curtailed. Melotonin is incredibly important not only because it is your greatest ally in getting a proper night’s rest but also because sleep is directly tied to mood. Thus the use of Ormus benefits mood in another way as well.

Improving Mood

Ormus effects your mood in a powerful way because of its ability to support the function of the pineal gland. This gland, which is also known to many as the “seat of the soul,” is literally the first aspect of human life because it is the first organ that develops within an embryo. Located in the center of the brain, this tiny gland is responsible for a lot of the serotonin that flows throughout our body. Serotonin is the hormone that balances out our happiness levels. When the serotonin levels are imbalanced, it causes mood imbalances and leaves us susceptible to a variety of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Ormus works to boost the pineal glands’ capacity to function, thus secreting more serotonin to help balance out our moods.

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Ormus monoatomic gold side effects

Detoxing the Body

With pesticides and chemicals in foods as well as environmental pollution, our bodies are constantly being exposed to hazardous elements that hurt our health. Ormus, with its unique composition as well interesting mix of elements, purifies the body and detoxes waste such as funguses, parasites and other various pathogens that can at some point cause long-term detriment to our overall health.

Expedites the Healing Process

As we age, cell turnover decreases at a rapid pace. When we are young a cut can heal within a day or two but as our circulation slows down, so does out ability to bounce back from injury. Ormus has the ability to boost cell regeneration which in turn leads to quicker healing times as well as the slow down of aging which is also tied to poor circulation and the increase of dying cells without new ones forming at the same pace.

Ormus gold health benefits healing
Monoatomic gold

Access to Untapped Awareness

Similar in the way that mycelium mushrooms or Ayahuasca can create a pathway for altered states of consciousness, Ormus can help one reach internal aspects of our energy that would not be possible without the platform to get to this level. With this gateway, it leads to better awareness of not only our world but also higher levels of understanding within ourselves.

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Unlimited Ormus Benefits

While these may be the main and most noted benefits that Ormus has been credited for, research is still ongoing and the numerous miracles that seem present within this humble substance seems to have yet even begun to scratch the surface of its actual potential and where it can lead humankind.

History of Ormus

Discover the history of Ormus – how it was discovered, and the journey its discoverer took to find the benefits and power.

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Ormus Gold Side Effects

Ormus gold side effects are almost non-existent. This incredible substance, obtained naturally from the earth, has the ability to help with a wide range of maladies and can help your body experience its full potential. Any Ormus side effects that are reported are often due to using an impure product. For the greatest Ormus gold health benefits, and to avoid side effects, purchase only the highest quality!

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