Monoatomic Gold Ormus

Pure monatomic gold is unlike any other supplement out in the market today. While other supplements are more well known, monoatomic gold ormus is gaining traction and attention as people come to learn all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

Now you may wonder what exactly is monoatomic gold powder, and what makes it so special? Here is an overview of all its benefits:

Monoatomic Gold Origins

Originally dating back thousands of years to the early Egyptians in Kehmet, ormus is a substance that holds a separate state-of-matter then what precious metals are usually able to exist in, and in return, the properties and benefits are also extremely different than that of traditional metals. Scientists have found that the truly unusual characteristics of this substance comes from the minerals being fortified by certain types of soil which have the ability to shift the composition of these naturally occurring metals into what we now know of as monoatomic gold. This unique substance also goes by other names such as Etherium gold powder, Tree of Life and Egyptian White Powder. For centuries, it has been used to further one’s own consciousness and reach levels never thought possible, an in turn, offers experiences that not only allow for a person to gain a deeper insight into themselves but also the world around them.
Monoatomic gold
Monatomic gold benefits

What Are the Benefits of Monoatomic Gold?

Monatomic gold powder has been credited for an entire array of benefits which help both mind and body. In terms of body, monoatomic gold is known to strengthen one’s immune system through the boosting of red blood cells and an overall vast increase to the speed of cell regeneration. Monoatomic gold also supports the functions of the pineal and pituitary glands. Because of this you are able to sleep better due to the pineal gland being in charge of the body’s melatonin levels which regulate sleep cycles, and hormonal issues are put at bay since the pituitary gland secretes hormones that often lead to issues such as PCOS and thyroid disorders.

How does Monoatomic Gold help the mind?

Beyond the assistance of monoatomic gold for the physical body, it also offers arguably even more benefit to the mind. As discussed, one of its functions is to support the pituitary gland, in addition to this benefiting the emergence of endocrine disorders, it also plays a part in the secretion of serotonin. Serotonin is the main player in regards to our happiness levels. If there is an imbalance in our serotonin levels, it causes among other issues, depression. This is the reason that the job on most antidepressants is to boost serotonin levels but monatomic gold powder is a more natural and safer way to gain these results. Monoatomic gold is also known for balancing the brain hemispheres to promote “whole-brain” learning which does not lean to heavily on either the analytical or creative side.
Monatomic minerals and side effects

What are the side effects of Monatomic Gold?

Monatomic gold is considered relatively safe however, as with any substance you put in or on your body, caution should be used since everybody reacts differently to different things. Monatomic gold is known to affect the mind and tapping into one’s own consciousness can cause feelings similar to hallucinations in some. Because of this we recommend first doing research and starting on a small does then gradually building up as you learn how your body reacts to the substance.

How do you store Monatomic Gold?

Monatomic gold is incredibly light sensitive so it is important that it is stored in a dark cool place away from pets and children. There is no expiration on Monatomic gold, however for greatest potency, we suggest using within one year.
Storing mono gold

Access the Benefits of Monoatomic Gold Ormus for Yourself

Overall, monatomic gold can be a powerful ally in gaining a higher level of consciousness as well as improving one’s own health through support of mental and physical strength. As with anything else, however, research and caution (as well as speaking with your doctor) should be exercised until you fully know how monoatomic gold will work for you and your own needs.

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Learn more about the benefits and side effects of monatomic gold powder and how it can improve your health.

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