Awaken Vitality

Mental, Physical, Spiritual RISE

The new gold

Gold preparations combined with alchemical energies and ingredients to enhance daily life

Body Absorbing Ormus

From Burma to you in a complete formula

Dissolvable Pearls

Unique Sublingual Dosing

Our Alchemical Formula

Pure Ormus

Ormus of pure spring water, an oily fraction distilled through various processes.

Burmese Gold

Burmese gold preparations from three alchemical traditions, including Dr U Shein, the most famous modern Burmese alchemist.

White Powder of Gold

Immortal White Powder Of Gold – prepared according to the teachings of two modern day Hungarian ‘immortals’

Tibetan Nectar Extract

Extract of Tibetan nectar pills (4 types), prepared at long, continuous meditation sessions by hundreds of monks in Nepal, India & Tibet.

Western Ormus

Seven types of Ormus prepared by modern Western Alchemists

Mani Pill Extract

Extraction of HH Dalai Lama’s ‘mani’ pills, empowered by more than 1 billion mantras of Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva.

The Oil of Gold

The Oil of Gold prepared according to Paracelsus.

Gold Basma

Gold Basma, an Ayurvedic alchemical preparation in use for more than 2000 years.


Enhanced fortified formula 

Earth Based

Raw mineral ingredients


No synthetic, allergenic or unnatural properties

more about Ormus

After sampling ‘monoatomic’ and Ormus products on the market, it became clear something was missing. First, no white powder gold product combined the benefits of multiple monoatomic gold preparations. Additionally, no products incorporated benefits of alchemically extracted, positive energies and ingredients that boost the powerful impact of a complete formula that delivers all the varying alchemical benefits and enhancements in one product.

Our unique process uses time tested techniques, passed down through a living lineage in Burma. The ancient method calls for extracting, empowering, and combining rarified fractions of esoteric materials into one complete formula.

What is Ormus Gold Elixir? A distilled combination of the most powerful monoatomic Ormus ingredients available in the world.

Studying the step by step process of a number of alchemists, we learned that our one in a million formulation is truly different from all others. Why? We combine several types of gold ash powder precipitate with rare alchemical gold preparations from Burma and Tibet. After our proprietary alchemical methods are used, we distill the essence out to form a true elixir. The essences included in our blend will enhance the effects you are seeking from this Ormus compound. When you choose our Ormus Gold formula, similar to our current users, the benefits will be noticeable in your life immediately.

Through the ages, alchemical practices have long been applied for the benefit of human health and potential. The lasting and profound impact on people using these practices properly have allowed alchemical traditions to endure for thousands of years while satisfying the vital desire for mystical and esoteric enlightenment. In our exploration, traveling to places like Burma, India and Tibet, as well as meeting with living alchemist who continue to employ ancient practices being passed down through continuing lineages, it is clear modern society is disconnected from these life enhancing methods. This is not due to modern science discounting traditional practices such as Ayurvedic and Tibetan medical practices (on the contrary, clinical research is actually confirming the undeniable benefits), but because important methods – traditionally held to be secret – simply slipped out of popular modern awareness. As Eastern medicine combined with spiritual and mental health practices continue to make headway in western societies, medical and pharmaceutical industries are no longer denying the impact and efficacy of natural healing medicines.


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