Overview and History of Ormus Gold

The history of Ormus gold dates back to 1975 where a farmer in Arizona by the name of David Hudson first discovered Ormus monoatomic gold. One day when he was tilling the soil, he came upon a strange material that he did not recognize. He decided to take the material and lay it out in the sun so it could dry out for further examination. However, the substance to his shock, burst into a stream of light before completely evaporating. Surprised, but more curious than anything, Hudson got more of the material and this time had it dry out away from the sun, and to his astonishment, the substance remained in its original form.

Ormus Gold Discovery by AZ Farme
Examine ormus gold powder with microscope

This new discovery fascinated him to the point where he commissioned a Cornell University professor to have the substance scientifically examined. What they found was the substance contained various elements such as gold, silver, iron and iridium. This by itself is not necessarily that intriguing given that many of those elements exist in soil, but what was interesting is that the elements did not behave how they usually would in certain circumstances such as dissolving in acids. When the commission was completed, what the professor  found was that when attempting to isolate various elements, each and every one would not dissolve to the point where an astounding 98% of the material had not changed form.

Discovering Ormus Monoatomic Gold

After gaining this preliminary information, Hudson wanted to further his research and went on to first work with a German engineer who was able to discover that the substance was very sensitive to time and temperature. From there, Hudson would go onto another professor, this time from the University of Iowa . This professor would run with the information found by the German engineer to test exactly how temperature sensitive the material was. What he found amazed him. Not only was he able to manipulate what elements were contained in the material by simply tweaking various time and temperatures but also he could change forms to either powder or glass. Beyond this, he even saw that weight was variable when transitioning into different states of matter. Though this seemed to break fundamental laws of science, the professor saw it with his own eyes and could hardly believe what was happening. By this time, several years had gone by and Hudson had decided to patent his findings while simultaneously moving forward with further research. It was around 1988 by the time Hudson had successfully patented the material which he had named Orbitally Rearranged Monoatmoic Elements or ORME’s for short. This would later on be shortened even further to Ormus (also referred to as ormus monoatomic gold) which is to represent the 12 elements that could exist in various states of matter, both physical and energy.

Ormus Gold Powder: Powerful Abilities

Gold Ormus - DNA Strand Icon

As the years went by and Hudson continued his studies, more secrets behind the miracle that is Ormus began to unearth. Ormus had amazing potential to heal and enhance the mind, body and spirit in ways no one knew was possible. Through his research, he became aware that Ormus could not only correct DNA errors within the body but could also enhance brain function to improve mental clarity and even tap into higher levels of consciousness. The miraculous properties of these elements seemed to give humans greater control over thoughts which helped many in terms of appetite control for weight loss and even chemical imbalances which lead to debilitating illnesses such as depression and addiction. And this was just barely scratching the surface to all Ormus could do.

It turned out that Ormus was a superconductor that was actually already found within our bodies. Hudson’s research discovered that human brains already contain about 5% Ormus but sadly due to current trends in agriculture such as GMO’s and the basic stripping of natural nutrients in our foods, we lose out on the ability, whether intentionally or not, to gain Ormus in our diets. Although we only have a measly 5% of Ormus contained in our bodies, it has been proven that eating foods and drinking water fortified with Ormus has high absorption rates can significantly increase this percentage.

What is Ormus? A Substance with Unlimited Potential

Throughout his journey, Hudson had gained so much insight into this strange substance he happened upon decades ago. As if by destiny he had the foresight to realize that what he had uncovered was unlike anything the world had ever seen before. It felt truly miraculous that a simple combination of precious metals need only to have slight variables in temperature and light to create unseen states of matter. And to go from these unseen states to bring such consequential benefits to anybody who ingests it. While people may only now have become aware of all that gold Ormus can do, Hudson and numerous other believers know that this is just the beginning and the potential is limitless.

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