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Like all monoatomic gold, individual benefits and experiences will vary, users report feeling an increase in grounded, beneficent energy, a calmed and focused mind, and recovery from both mental and physical ailments.

OGE is not a simple ormus precipitate as most ormus products are, but a true alchemical formula, with a complex, empowered base which is truly alive!

Ormus gold is a precipitate that contains monoatomic elements, Gold ash powder is a Burmese alchemical medicine produced from pure gold metal.

Ormus precipitates are combined with rare alchemical Burmese and Tibetan gold elements. After further processes are applied, the essence is distilled to form a true elixir.

Take 3-4 pills daily, dissolve under tongue.

There are no side effects.

Each vial contains approximately 100 pills. At 3 pills a day a vial should be approximately one month in supply.

We ship worldwide. Costs are $4.99 USA and $9.99 international. All purchases are final. We are not responsible for packages that do not make it through customs.

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