A Look at Tibetan Alchemy

When you look closer at what makes our Ormus Gold Elixir different from others you will find a reoccuring theme.  Our focus and study of Tibetan alchemy is what makes our formula stand out from the rest. In order for us to obtain this knowledge we first had to study and understand these ancient practices.  In today’s post we’re going to take a look at Tibetan alchemy and the profound effect it has on our Ormus Gold Elixir. Let’s begin by defining alchemy and what this practice entails.

A Look at Tibetan Alchemy

What Is Alchemy?  To many people in the modern world alchemy is a mysterious subject.  Very few people actually know what it means and how the practice began.  A common misconception is that alchemy is another name for magic. This is not true because alchemy is actually closely related to the study and practice of chemistry.  In other words alchemy is a form of science. The intent of alchemy is to purify and mature substances in order for them to reach their elevated forms. Ancient practices focused on transforming matter from one state to another such as turning metal into gold.

Tibetan alchemy is no different considering alchemy is widespread across the world including asia.  In fact the people of Tibet have practiced alchemy for centuries and use the practice in their day to day lives.  Being able to transform matter from one state to another takes a lifetime of practice and skill to perfect. We believe that Tibetan alchemy has truly embraced this ancient practice at it’s truest and most pure form.

Which is why we have sought out these practices to bring you our very own Ormus Gold Elixir.  Created to take its purest form we have taken great care to be sure that we are providing you with the best possible product.  Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself – order you very first Ormus Gold Elixir here and begin living your best life.


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