Is Ormus Gold a Hoax?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the idea of alternative medicines or if you’ve studied ayurvedic practices for years.  Chances are you or others around you have asked, “Is Ormus Gold a hoax?” In today’s post we’re going to address that very question and help you put your mind at ease.  Join us as we share with you more information proving that Ormus Gold is not a hoax!

Is Ormus Gold a Hoax?

Modern medicine and science has been on a forward march for centuries.  Pushing the envelope and looking for ways to develop new formulas and scientific breakthroughs.  There is so much emphasis a what is, “new” that many scientists are completely disregarding ancient practices.  That’s because these practices, while are thousands of years old, they have fallen from popular consciousness. And have been lost to many groups of mankind.  Fortunately, the study and application of ancient remedies and practices are beginning to surface once again!

When closely examined by renowned scientist David Hudson, it was said that, “White powder gold (ormus gold) goes through various changes as the metal to metal bonds are broken and through cycles of heating and cooling under vacuum; the final powder, indicating the complete absence of metal to metal bonds, is pure white. Taking pure metals only to the hydroxide state in a liquid suspension is also not, in our opinion, conducive to health on any level.”

Try Ormus Gold Elixir Today

One of the best ways to prove that Ormus Gold is a viable solution to all your health needs is to try it for yourself!  No one can argue the proof in the difference it makes in your daily life through your mental, physical and spiritual being.  When you take Ormus Gold regularly you will be able to stand as a testimony to people who ask if ormus gold is a hoax. And proudly proclaim that it is not!  Order our Ormus Gold Elixir today and begin experiencing the difference for yourself!


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