Monoatomic Gold Hoax: The Facts You Need to Know

Today information travels at the speed of light and we have access to opinions and critique from all around the word.  Anyone at any point can publish or post their thoughts online and of course because of this there is often skepticism surrounding fact.  That’s why today we’re going to address claims surrounding a Monoatomic Gold Hoax and the facts you should know.  We’ll do this by looking at a claim and explaining why it’s incorrect.

“Monoatomic gold is a hoax.”

We have heard this claim time and time again often from individuals who are neither doctors nor have they tried monoatomic gold.  You can’t judge something if you have little or no experience with the product.  In addition if this product had no effects the practice would not have lived on through centuries of use instead it would have been replaced or ended long ago.

“Monoatomic gold isn’t real medicine.”

It’s not modern medicine – in fact the practice of using monoatomic gold is deeply rooted in the ancient practices of alchemy.  Because of this it can be hard for anyone with a modern mindset to accept.

“Monoatomic gold can’t compete with modern medicine.”

In reality Monoatomic Gold would replace many of our modern day medicine practices.  If our health institutions took a step back to explore ancient practices many of our modern “cure alls” would become obsolete.

Monoatomic Gold Hoax? No – The Benefits of Monoatomic Gold are Limitless

In our travels we have seen first hand the benefits surround Monoatomic Gold and our Ormus Gold Elixir.  Monoatomic Gold not only offers physical effects it impacts mental and spiritual aspects of the individual creating a wholeness and unity.  If you could benefit from a clearer mind, grounded body and enlightened spirit look no further than Ayurvedic medicines and Monoatomic Gold.  The magical essences within our formula can help you live to your full potential.  Begin your mental and physical healing journey and try our Ormus Gold Elixir today.


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