Alchemy and Monoatomic Gold: Learn More

Alchemy and Monoatomic Gold

If you’re new to the idea of alchemy and monoatomic gold you probably have a lot of questions.  It’s very common for us to receive questions along the lines of what is alchemy and what is monoatomic gold.  In today’s post we’re going to shed some light on two things and hopefully share some knowledge!  Let’s begin by taking a look at the first component.


Alchemy is an ancient philosophical practice that goes back as far as history.  It is a practice that elevates certain elements to reach their higher form.  This practice was usually taught by masters to their apprentices and was very commonly closely guarded secrets.  Alchemists were the first scientists of their time and often incorporated astronomy, science, chemistry and medicine into their practices.  One simple way to explain alchemy is to say it is a practice that hastens matter to reach it’s perfected form.

Monoatomic Gold

Now Monoatomic gold is a product of alchemy.  The techniques we use were passed down through a living lineage in Burma.  Through careful study we have created a rare formula that combines several types of gold ash powder.  Combined and taken through a careful process we have created our Monoatomic Gold.  Toward the end of the process the essence is distilled and from that we form an elixir.  The result is a unique formula that is truly alive!

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